The Clinical Governance Committee (CGC) is a Clinical advisory committee, consisting of a multidisciplinary team of health practitioners and management, providing clinical leadership, direction and advice to Te Awakairangi Health Network’s clinical programmes. Current members are as follows:

Cathy Lindsay

(Chair) Practice Nurse

David Young
  • General Practitioner
Janine Sim
  • Practice Manager
Pam Duncan
  • Clinical Pharmacist
Ruth Cooke
  • Primary Care Nurse
Sally Woods
  • General Practitioner

Saty Candasamy
  • Consumer Rep
Philip Shirley
  • General Practitioner
Mere Te Paki
  • Maori Representative
Julie Forsey
  • General Practitioner

Mona Hawkins
  • Pacific Representative
Saira Dayal
  • (HVHDB ex officio)
Hans Snoek
  • (ex officio)