Resources to help you make healthy eating the easy choice.  Includes information about where to find healthy food and how small changes to your diet can have a big impact.

Low cost food in the Hutt Valley

Everything you need to know about accessing free or low cost food in the Hutt Valley including options for developing skills for growing and preparing food.

Preparing, growing and sourcing low cost food

Finding kaimoana

Everything you need to know about fishing in the Wellington region including any licenses you might need.

Freshwater Fishing in the Wellington Region

Food banks

A list of the food banks in the Hutt Valley including information on who can access them, what to bring and what’s provided.

Accessing food in the Hutt Valley

Fruit and vegetable co-op

Registration information and prices of different fruit and vege co-ops throughout the region.

Fruit and Vegetable co-op information (

Healthy food for a day

A guide with pictures which show the portion sizes and the number of serves of each food group you should aim to eat in a day.

Food for a day

Healthy lifestyle goals for kids

A handout showing the five most important things you can do to help all children to grow well.

Everyday goals for kids

Healthy plate model

A picture of a healthy dinner plate and portion sizes.

Healthy Plate Model

Healthy recipes

A large number of healthy, affordable and delicious recipes for you and your whanau.

Good Food Recipe book

Cheap eats cookbook (

How many kilojoules are in alcoholic drinks?

A picture showing you how many slices of bread are in your alcoholic drink.

How many kilojoules are in alcoholic drinks? (

Health star rating tips

The Health Star system is an easier system for finding healthier versions of processed foods.  This guide will explain more about what the Health Star Rating is and how to use it.

Health Star rating guide

Health star ratings (

Mindful eating

Learn what mindful eating is and how to do it.

7 Mindful eating tips (berkeley.edf)

Supermarket shopping on a budget

Example shopping lists including key foods for different budgets, and tips on how to make your money go further when grocery shopping.

Shopping lists for a family of four

Shopping lists for individuals

Tips and tricks for looking after yourself

A handout showing the five most important things you can do to live a healthy lifestyle.

Looking after Me

When to eat and when to stop

A ‘Hunger Scale’ to help you recognise when you’re hungry and full.

Hunger scale and guide