What is a Health Care Home?

Health Care Home is a model of care centred on a patient’s needs. The model enables patients to access same-day appointments, provides extended hours of access and allows patients to have virtual consultations with GPs via phone, or secure messaging through patient portals.

The model involves multi-disciplinary teams which includes general practice teams,  specialists and community nursing teams to support patients, making it a key component of integrated health that will enable DHBs and Primary Care to work in partnership to achieve the best possible outcomes for patients and the wider community.

The model results in a more comprehensive and cohesive system of health care that is: proactive, responsive and effective, with members of the general practice team being able to provide the best possible care, support patients to have more control of their care and reduce health disparities.

What can patients expect from a Health Care Home experience?

  • Easier access to and more choice of services
  • Access to care when it is urgently needed
  • Better management of ongoing health conditions
  • A calm, quiet practice environment

Health Care Home practices are benefitting from:

  • Actively managed patient demand through clinician triage
  • Actively managed integrated care for those with complex needs
  • Strengthened General Practice teams
  • Improved business efficiency

The overarching aim of the Health Care Home model is the creation of an improved and sustainable primary care service for New Zealand. It puts patients at the centre, enhancing and simplifying their experience, and it gives practitioners the tools they need for better management of their time and resources. It is a change for the better.

Health Care Home Model of Care Requirements

The Health Care Home programme is being rolled out across New Zealand, with over 120 practices now using some or all of the Health Care Home model of care.  The new requirements guide sets out national credentialing and operational guidelines for PHOs, practices and providers within a set of four key focus areas (domains):

  • Ready access to urgent and unplanned care.
  • Proactive care for those with more complex need.
  • Better Routine and preventative care.
  • Improved Business efficiency & sustainability

The Health Care Home Model of Care Requirements document – http://www.healthcarehome.org.nz/portals/sharedcarerecord/docs/Health-Care-Home-Model-of-Care.pdf

Health Care Home Practices for the Hutt Valley

Tranche 1:

  • Ropata Medical Centre
  • Hutt City Health Centre
  • Silverstream Health Centre
  • Waiwhetu Medical Centre
  • Naenae Medical Centre

Tranche 2 :

  • Muritai Health Centre
  • Petone Medical Centre
  • Queen Street Medical Centre
  • Upper Hutt Health Centre