Our clinical pharmacy team provides medicines information, clinical advice and education to General Practitioners, Practice Nurses and Community Pharmacists in the Hutt Valley.

Pharmacy support for general practices

  • Clinical Pharmacists

Our current model of facilitation services includes practice based Clinical Pharmacists.

In this model Clinical Pharmacists are working as integrated members in some General Practice teams, providing patient level services. These include identifying, resolving and preventing medication related problems, as well as optimising the effectiveness of medication treatment.

  • Medicines information

The Clinical Pharmacy team provides medication information to the clinical staff of Te Awakairangi Health Network.¬† This may vary from a simple enquiry regarding the availability of a medication, side effects, interactions, contraindications or best practice guidelines through to a complex scenario that evaluates a patient’s medication regimen.

  • Clinical practice visits

Our Clinical Pharmacists visit practices twice a year to facilitate Continued Medical Education (CME) sessions for the doctors and nurses. These sessions provide updated and relevant information on best practice or highlight changes in medicine management impacting primary care.  Newly funded medicines are also discussed, as well as relevant reports on prescribing trends.

  • Clinical audits

The Clinical Pharmacy team provide (and can develop MOPs accredited) continuous quality improvement (CQI) audits for GPs to use, and provide the query builds and data extraction to facilitate these audits.

Audits focus on a particular medicine or class of medicine and identify patients requiring further monitoring of their condition, review of prescribing or dosage adjustment.  Relevant CQI activities from other sources eg: Best Practice (BPAC) or HQSC are also brought to the attention of GPs.

More information

For more information about our Pharmacy services please contact
Clinical Advisory Pharmacist

Phone : 04 566 5320

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You can also access Pharmacy facilitation publications