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Piki on track to help thousands of young people across the region ahead of Hutt Valley launch

The Government’s free youth mental health pilot, Piki, is on track to help an estimated 10,000 young people with mild to moderate mental health and substance use challenges across the Wellington, Hutt and Wairarapa areas over the next two years. Piki is now available in the Hutt Valley, with a celebration happening on Monday 26th August in Taita.

Piki supports young people (18 to 25-year olds) with mild to moderate mental health and addiction needs. Te Awakairangi Health Network is delivering the Piki initiative in the Hutt Valley in partnership with Tū Ora Compass Health PHO and key stakeholders (see background information below.)

“We are delighted to be offering free and innovative mental health solutions through the Piki initiative to a base of over 13,500 young people in the Hutt Valley. It’s encouraging that many young people in our wider region have received help so far,” says Bridget Allan, CEO of Te Awakairangi Health Network.

“We’re especially pleased to be removing access barriers for those young people needing support who can now refer themselves directly through the Piki website (www.piki.org.nz ) as well as through their GP or practice nurse. Young people can access strengthened support services online, by phone, peer support navigators, and by talking face-to-face with therapists,” she says.
Piki has been co-designed with help from a youth reference group and is complemented by comprehensive independent evaluation by Otago University to ensure this initiative is guided by strong evidence.


Piki was launched in Porirua in February 2019. A rollout to Wellington and tertiary providers was launched in May 2019. The final staged rollout, to Hutt Valley and Wairarapa, will be launched on 23rd and 26th August respectively.

Piki removes barriers to access help by offering self-referral via the Piki website (https://www.piki.org.nz/), online and phone services as well peer support because not everyone finds it easy to talk to their GP or a counselor about their mental health and wellbeing.

Piki partners:

  • Tū Ora Compass Health
  • University of Otago (workforce training and evaluation)
  • Victoria University of Wellington
  • Massey University
  • Te Awakairangi Health Network
  • Explore
  • Homecare Medical
  • Melon Health
  • Peerzone

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